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If you want to furfill your "Mino Skin" thirst, you came to the right place!

If you want to submit your Mino Skin, please send a private message (through Discord) to StayNoided#5868, we have a home for your skins :)

If you aren't able to send a PM. You might be able to thanks to the JSTris Discord Server that is over here.

Note: you require an addon that can apply userscripts ( .user.js file extensions ), like Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey.

Note 2: A JSTris background may be included but they are easy to remove/disable, just put two backslashes "//" before the backgrounds link! (easy to recognize thanks to the link)

Mino Skins

StayNoided's Gameboy Minos

This skin is inspired of that one version of Tetris, except the designs have not been ripped off, epic!

This skin is available in three colors: Green, Black & White and Purple!

The Green and BW designs are more "Gameboy-ish" than the Purple design which gives a purpur vibe.

For the skin contest, a colorful design was made this design is called Gameboy/Retro Color! Now all previous versions are called Gameboy/Retro Monochrome.


Previews (Monochrome)

Dopamines's Dot Minos

This skin was first made to make Dopamine's game pretty. It has been released because he thinks other people should use it if they wanted to

This skin is available in two designs: Unioned & Separated (Alt)!